We are Members of the FCI, of the German Retriever Club and of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Nederlands www.straight-and-gentle.eu An advanced hunting Test (VPS)                        Spirit of Chippewa Achmik Results 2014  Ergebnisse 2014 On 10 thru 11 October 2014, Beaver has passed the VPS* examination of the JGHV/German Hunters Association (*VPS - Hunting Association Trial after shot) We had chosen the version that included a fox tracking and the hunting after a living duck, and we achieved a total of 228 points. Judge in chief was Harald Markmann, assisted of Mrs. Morianz and Mr. Reimann of the JGHV.   The competition began with the obedience tests which did not present problems to any of the 4 teams. Next task was a bloodtrack: Beaver did an amazing job, almost as a routine work and focussing very strictly on the single blood droplets. So he got very soon to the target, and although his nose had got contact with the prey (a young deer, that had been shot that morning) rather in advance, he worked out the trail very distinctly. Well done! Next exercise was the ‘Buschierarbeit’; that means to expel the game from their hiding-places. The way how Beaver managed this task really impressed the judges and the same was true in the following intensive free search within an big area with rather dense thicket.                                                                                                                                                                                   Next subject was fox tracking. Obviously, the tracking distance was indeed quite long, because in my perception it took incredibly long until Beaver reappeared, retrieving the fox very proudly and delivering her perfectly to hand. After that, he was so engaged in his job that he took the fox to the car, saving me the transport work. During the whole fox tracking manoever, I really did not have any concern about Beaver’s capability, because during the weeks before we had done quite some training work addressing all grades of difficulties. Last task this day, was a combined examination, consisting of a rabit tracing in he forest, a duck tracking on a meadow and a guided search for a blind (cold game). Beaver had no problem at all with none of the above challenges and he accomplished all the jobs perfectly, including a really well controlled delivery to hand. Next day, we moved from land to water activities. Also here, Beaver passed all the examinations without any problem, including the hunting for a living duck in the reed. All in all, Beaver has got a total number of 228 points and reached the first price. I’m very proud to say that he was awarded with the Price of Honour of 2014, and he had even accomplished the highest score ever reached since this competition had been introduced 14 years ago. Im Hintergrund die Bilder von der Fuchsschleppe Price of Honour of 2014