We are Members of the FCI, of the German Retriever Club and of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Nederlands www.straight-and-gentle.eu As a puppy she quickly learned how to fulfill many tasks and requirements. Sometimes she needed a little more time, which we readily gave her. As a result she rewarded us with success and skill.   Samtess has prospered into a beautiful and calm, highly task-oriented bitch, good natured and (mostly) relaxed when working, yet concentrated, and extraordinarily fast and enthusiastic. We know, we can rely on her. Read in the ‘Diary’, how she developed and became a good chessie! OUR SAMTESS ETZEL-HUNTER BETTY SAMTESS Etzel-Hunter Betty Samtess was born on May 11, 2006. She was bred by Linda Meppen (Etzel, Germany). In this litter, there was a variety of very different colours present, Samtess is deadgrass (straw- coloured). She is 24.4” (about 61 cm) tall and weighs 66 lbs (30kg). Samtess is a charming bitch, always anxious to satisfy her people. She shows a lot of ‘will to please’, and she is interested in learning new facets of life. Samtess auf dem Weg zur Beute Samtess Half Portrait Samtess 2010 Samtess 2011 (waiting for whelps) Samtess 2008 Results 2014  Ergebnisse 2014