We are Members of the FCI, of the German Retriever Club and of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Nederlands www.straight-and-gentle.eu An advanced hunting Test (BLP/R)                        Spirit of Chippewa Achmik Results 2014  Ergebnisse 2014 On the 10th of August, 2014, Beaver has passed the BLP examination of the DRC (German Retriever Club) by achieving 355 of 370 pts. This is an hunting exam for duck and rabbit (cold game). First, the judges check the gun shyness when work in the water is to be done: a duck is cast into the water and during the retrieve the dog is stressed by near-miss fire with a shotgun. Although irritated in this way, the dog must continue to catch and retrieve the duck unimpressed. The free search Next, a search happens: 2 rabbits and a duck must be searched for in a rather difficult big area. The seach area was located at the left hand of a forest path and fully covered with black berry brambles, dead wood, little trees and a lot of bushes. It is a strange feeling: you are waiting for your dog and almost nothing happens. Only a minor noise from time to time from different locations, you don’t recognize any action at all and time is running. Then, absolutely unexpected Beaver jumped out from the thicket and delivered orderly to hand. The story with the remaining 2 retrieves was exactly identical. Interesting comment of one of the judges: Excellent work; that was as if he would expell a wild boar out of the hiding-place. Beaver was really in his element! Result: 11 points (wow! that’s a 10 plus one bonus point)! Tracking on a meadow From the very beginning, Beaver started tracking with his nose close to the bottom, proceeding steadily and fast; he only stopped for a few seconds at a point, were the track performed an 90° angle, but went on then and after short time he started the returning with high speed with the duck in his muzzle. All in a sudden, the judge behind me shouted: Oh no, that’s bad, call your dog back!; another person said: Why should I? He is very gentle. Now I saw a dog: quite big and in halfway aggressive appearance, approaching Beaver from the front. Beaver was surprised, looked at me and then at the interfering dog, whilst I was shouting: Bever, come here (nomally not allowed!). The other dog circled round my dog, yet Beaver contined his “homerun” without setting the duck free. The other dog followed him until Beaver delivered the duck to me. I grabbed the duck with my right hand and Beaver with the left hand, whilst the foreign dog almost touched us, until the judge “kicked” him away. All the judges were impressed how well Beaver had mastered this situation. I was just happy about the sovereignty of my dog. Also the last trial was performed quite well; two blinds (ducks) for the dog, but known by the handler, were hidden on a large meadow; the handler will show the direction to the dog and the dog has to line up until he reaches the place, where the duck is hidden. I was very proud of my dog and the way he had mastered all the challenges. Area of a the search